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Main activity of Marko-Kolor company is dyeing, printing and finishing services of knitted and woven fabrics.

Marko-Kolor Sp.J. company is private textile mill, established in the year of 1992, which is owned by:Longin Frączkiewicz, Wiesław Gajda i Andrzej Katryński.

All finishing operations are executable on a world renowned textile machines. Proper selection of saving energy technologies allows us to achieving perfect production results keeping small arduousness of natural environment. All dyestuffs and agents that are used have all indispensable atests.

Dyeing, bleaching and washing operations are performed on atmospheric and pressure machines of rope type. We are using a various capacity machines:

> 30kg of fabric – for trial dyeing,
> up to 100kg of fabric – for trial dyeing,
> 100 – 900kg of fabric – for production dyeing.

With year 2008 our company has started to serve the printing services in range of pigment and reactive printings, with a brand new and most modern screen rotary machine in Poland.

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Nasza firma zatrudnia wykwalifikowany personel oraz posiada nowoczesne i dobrze wyposażone laboratorium metrologiczno-chemiczne. Dzięki rozbudowanej pozycji katalogów produkcyjnych – papierowych i elektronicznych, mamy możliwość łatwego wyszukiwania kolorów według próbek dostarczonych przez klientów.